Bigram is a studio of architecture, graphic design and artistic research, designed to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions adapted to the needs of each client. This multidisciplinary project has been devised by a team of specialists with training and experience in different fields of knowledge, design, architecture and buildings.
Thanks to this versatility, our approaches and responses are always different, providing innovative solutions in the shape and function of the design.

We make sure to create a synergy with the client, making it a participant in the creative process. This helps us to get information to understand their strengths and weaknesses. A fundamental interaction with the aim of satisfying their needs and provide value to the project design.

From Bigram we offer different services; Architecture, Interior Design, Retail, Graphic Design, Branding, Product, Communication, Editorial Design, Illustration, 3d Modeling, 3d Printing, Visuals, Video-Renders, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Furniture Design and Artistic Direction. We define ourselves as a brand capable of creating, designing and managing the complexity of any creative and productive project.


Each project is a different experience, therefore, we want that you are part of the creative process.

First, we will obtain all the necessary information, putting your weaknesses and strengths in place. We will study your needs through a briefing that will be part of the creative process.

-Creative Process-
Secondly, we will create an approximate budget according to your economic needs and limits. This will help us define different phases of the design project.

Thirdly, once the budget has been approved, we study the different phases of the project, creating a calendar with the delivery dates. We will start the design phase by offering several proposals with ideas, concepts and references that we have worked on.

Fourthly, when we have the right proposal, we will move on to the development and technical implementation phase of the project. We will assume the management and management of the work, in an efficient and resolute way.




CEO Bigram, Architect

Maters Degree Of Architecture in ETSAS University of Seville, One year in Lublin University Of Technogy (Poland). Higher Technician in Buildings Projects. Masters Degree of Philosophy in University of Seville.

International experience of four years in the field of Architecture, Interior Design and Retail for the British company JHP Design, at its headquarters in London. Having worked and collaborated during this period in award-winning projects internationally for its designs (FAB Winner 2017 “Buger Lab Lotteria”, FAB Winner 2018 “Incheon Airport”, FAB Silver 2019 “Grom”) and with customers such as Samsung, Starbucks, Lavazza, Burger Lab, Rome airport, Heathrow Airport or Hyundai among others.



CEO Bigram, Graphic Designer

Official Higher Artistic Teachings, in the specialty of Graphic Design by the Ceade Leonardo School in Seville. Training in Interior Design and Commercial Design. Professor of Higher Degree in Graphic Design at CEADE Leonardo. Photography Training.

Work experience as a designer and art director in companies of international prestige, carrying out corporate identity, packaging, branding, editorial layout and space design. A horseback race between creativity and teaching.



they trust us…