Anywhere, nowhere. There isn’t a defined program. Create your own program. We challenge you to design a place with no physic references. Imagine a place for you, your refuge. That will be your “architectural event”, your unique and singular place. The areas should be adapted to the proposed program. With this exercise we pretend to reflect about the space-time theme as an architectural event, in a way that it can be quantified and qualified, and by doing this push the barriers of our current reality into an utopian reality defined by the 4th dimension: Time. Between the members of the jury we emphasize, Jorge Mealha, Aline Chahine, Diogo Aguiar, Alexander Walter, Luís Santiago Baptista. In addition the project was published in website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy + Window Bottle Kit by “My Little Garden”.




Aspace Inspace(Space)


April 2015